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How Benefit Cosmetics Tracks Influencer Performance to Drive Positive ROI


Influencer discovery can be a challenge for brands that have strict influencer performance criteria to ensure a strong return on investment. From brand fit to growth potential, revenue to organic coverage, finding the right influencers to grow an influencer community meaningfully at scale is both art and science. 

Benefit Cosmetics runs one of the most sophisticated influencer marketing programs in the beauty industry, using strict standards during the influencer discovery and measurement processes to power positive ROI. The brand recognizes that while powerhouse influencers are a critical part of any influencer marketing strategy, relationships with micro-influencers are the foundation of a robust influencer community. Benefit has found success in identifying up-and-coming influencers who were poised for growth, and treating them to special experiences. In the long term, these early relationships translated to increased engagement and a share of their new partner’s expanded followings.

In 2018, the brand set out to grow its Club Pink micro-influencer network from 200 to 250 members. In this exclusive case study, learn how Benefit manages influencer discovery and measurement while maintaining its strict performance criteria and driving positive influencer marketing ROI. 


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