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June Beauty and Fashion Rankings: Black-Owned Brands Receive a Wave of Influencer Support



In this report…

As we introduced in last month’s “Online Influence During the Black Lives Matter Movement” Tribe Top 10, widespread cultural and political movements like Black Lives Matter can lead to a visible shift in online behavior. In June, beauty, lifestyle, and fashion influencers recognized the power of their platforms and adjusted their content creation to amplify the collective anti-racism movement’s message and support Black leaders, creators, and business owners—a trend that was clearly reflected in June’s EMV rankings. 

As always, in this month’s TTT, Tribe Dynamics spotlights the brands that saw notable month-over-month EMV growth in June, many of which are either Black-owned or conducted campaigns or activations that supported marginalized communities. We also cover how June’s content trends will continue to impact the influencer marketing space moving forward.

Additionally, this report contains our regular Tribe Top 10 features, including:

  • The top 10 cosmetics, skincare, haircare, luxury fashion, and apparel brands in the U.S. by Earned Media Value
  • The top 10 beauty brands in the U.K. and France by Earned Media Value
  • Influencer community stats for all top 10 brands across vertical and markets
  • Insights into the brands that outperformed their respective verticals by inspiring influencer content and support throughout the month

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