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EMEA Indie Beauty Debrief

Top EMEA Indie Brands in Q4 2019


Q4 was the quarter of major beauty acquisitions: Drunk Elephant, Kylie Cosmetics, and DevaCurl were just some of beauty’s movers and shakers that closed 2019 with a monumental sale. These deals indicate the growing significance of global independent beauty brands’ Earned Media Value and influencer strategies. 

Last quarter, we published our first U.K. Indie Beauty Debrief, and this quarter, we decided to expand the report to include brands from across the EMEA region. Our new quarterly EMEA Indie Beauty Debrief showcases notable independent beauty brands, and how these brands are performing across markets. We reveal exclusive insights into trending and up-and-coming brands, their online communities, and the top-performing earned content created about them.

A page from the Q4 EMEA Indie Beauty Debrief, featuring insights into Nabla Cosmetics' performance and influencer strategy this quarter.

In this report, we investigated a few of Q4’s buzziest European indie brands, including Nabla Cosmetics, ByTerry, and Essence Cosmetics, and how global their Earned Media Value reach really is. Fill out the form to learn about these brands’ earned media trajectory over the past year, as well as the key influencer strategies behind their Q4 success.

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