Thanks to low prices and a diverse array of cutting-edge styles, fast fashion brands are attracting more and more attention from consumers—and with it, an increasing share of social conversation. From partnerships with buzzy celebrities to campaigns aimed at making fashion more inclusive, leading brands are expanding their Earned Media Value (EMV) footprint in a variety of ways. Inspired by this shift within the industry, Tribe Dynamics analyzed content from top fast fashion brands to assess which influencer marketing strategies have had the biggest impact on the success of these brands.

Models wearing pieces from Anastasia Karanikolaou’s Stassie x Missguided collection.

As part of our investigation, Tribe Dynamics tracked top EMV-generating posts and content creators for the 11 fast fashion brands—including Fashion Nova, PrettyLittleThing, and American Eagle—that displayed the highest year-over-year EMV growth during the time period monitored (January to August 2019). Posts and content creators were sorted according to:

  • Origin: was content generated by an influencer, celebrity, media publication, or content aggregator?
  • Loyalty: did each content creator favor just one fast fashion brand, or did multiple brands share top influencers?
  • Tier: did content creators with certain follower counts post more frequently for certain brands?

By using these categories, we were better able to understand who and what powers social media conversation for fast fashion brands, and how these brands can leverage this information to plan and execute their influencer marketing strategies. 

Our findings, along with highlights of signature initiatives and partnerships from the fast fashion space, can be accessed in Tribe Dynamics’ inaugural fast fashion investigation: What Brands Need to Know About Fast Fashion. The report includes:

  • Community breakdowns for 11 high-growth fast fashion brands, along with top EMV-generating content creators for each brand
  • Insights into fast fashion’s numerous celebrity collaborations
  • A special U.K. topsheet featuring notable brands, initiatives, and moments from fast fashion in the U.K.

Download our guide to fast fashion influencer marketing to learn more about this booming, rapidly evolving space—and what your brand can do to stand out.