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Ivy Park

Tribe Dynamics Influencer Marketing Spotlight

While Ivy Park may not enjoy the name recognition of top activewear and fitness brands like Reebok, Lululemon, and Peloton, it boasts something that these other brands can’t claim: one of the world’s biggest superstars as its founder. Launched by Beyoncé Knowles in 2016, Ivy Park’s star power was on full display in January 2020, when the brand sent a capsule collection developed in collaboration with Adidas to celebrities and influencers. Hype surrounding the campaign led to an Earned Media Value (EMV) boom for Ivy Park: of the brand’s $23.7M EMV total from June 2019 to May 2020, $16.0M EMV (68%) came in January.

The success of the Ivy Park x Adidas collection’s launch demonstrated the brand’s potential to emerge as a leader in activewear. Tribe Dynamics explored Ivy Park’s promise in the 10th installment of our Influencer Marketing Performance series, examining how the brand leveraged Beyoncé’s world-class clout to orchestrate a splashy social media campaign. We also analyzed how Ivy Park, and other brands, can use Tribe Dynamics to implement influencer marketing best practices and power future EMV gains. The report also features:

  • Content highlights from notable celebrities who were gifted with the Ivy Park x Adidas capsule collection, including Michael B. Jordan and Megan Thee Stallion.
  • A breakdown of how Ivy Park’s dormant launch schedule and promotional activities led to a discrepancy in EMV between January and other months.
  • EMV data on how Ivy Park’s powerhouse-heavy influencer community stacks up against other activewear brands’ communities.

To learn more about Ivy Park, and how Tribe Dynamics helps brands increase their EMV, download our full Influencer Marketing Spotlight: Ivy Park report.

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