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Influencer Marketing Playbook for Health, Fitness, and Wellness Brands


Vitamins, razors, and exercise bikes: Health and wellness brands are by no means newcomers to the social media landscape. But over the past couple years, and most dramatically, over the past several months, we’ve seen a substantial shift among influencers to discussing broader lifestyle topics, including a particular focus on wellness and healthy, mindful living. There is a thriving community of online content creators heralding the brands and products that support their general wellbeing—and as influencer content has evolved and expanded to prioritize self-care, so have the eyes of consumers. Which brands are best suited to jump at this opportunity? The ones ready to develop and strengthen their strategy around building relationships with these online creators.

To help guide health and wellness brands in perfecting their influencer marketing and relationship-building strategies, we analyzed the kinds of influencer wellness content that are resonating the most among consumer audiences, and identified key lessons from current brand leaders in the space, including Peloton, Girlfriend Collective, Daily Harvest, Lord Jones, Billie, and Headspace. In this marketing guide, we approached “wellness” with three main categories in mind: (1) fitness, (2) consumables, and (3) mind and body care. Brands can then identify where they fit in, and how exactly they can grow in this booming industry.

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