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Guide to Influencer Marketing Strategy in 2020 (and Beyond)


In 2020, influencer marketing is key to driving brand awareness for beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and other passion-centered brands—and also more important than ever, now that access to the brick-and-mortar experience is limited. The industry is constantly changing, and so are the influencer marketing strategies that power sustainable, long-term growth in content creation about your brand. In this new update on our original guide (How to Build Your 2020 Influencer Strategy), we’ll outline best practices that brands can use to nurture and grow their families of content creators, including: 

  • How to streamline your outreach efforts by segmenting your influencer community into four groups based on brand affinity: Potential Fans, New Fans, Retained Fans, and Lost Fans
  • How to foster brand loyalty by measuring and inspiring consistent posting activity from influencers
  • How to understand whether an influencer is a good fit for your brand using engagement data
  • Tips on how to leverage Tribe Dynamics’ software tools to scale your influencer marketing strategy

To read more about the influencer marketing strategies that top brands are using to expand their earned media footprint in 2020, and how your brand can build lasting and impactful relationships with influencers across your network, be sure to download our new, updated Guide to Influencer Marketing Strategy.