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Wellness Influencer Marketing Spotlight

Notable Supplement Brands

As influencers and consumers look to maintain their health and wellness amid stressful times, supplements brands—those that offer vitamins, energy boosters, or other forms of nutritional aid—have increased their Earned Media Value (EMV) in 2020, in contrast to declines among many other verticals. For our latest Influencer Marketing Spotlight report, we analyzed the influencer marketing strategies powering three top supplements brands: Ritual, BODYARMOR, and Moon Juice. 

While all three brands boasted double-digit EMV growth from September 2019 to August 2020, the paths they took to this social success were as varied as each brand’s mission statement. Our report offers profiles of high-impact influencers, content, and campaigns behind each brand, along with data-backed insights into how wellness brands in general can use Tribe Dynamics’ influencer marketing tools to operationalize and scale their influencer programs. Highlights from this report include:

  • How Ritual built a content strategy around its #RitualPartner family of ambassadors.
  • How BODYARMOR activated star athletes for its #OnlyYouCan campaign.
  • How consumer habits during COVID-19 led to an EMV surge for Moon Juice.

To learn more about top supplements brands, and how Tribe Dynamics can help your brand execute its influencer marketing strategy, download our full Influencer Marketing Spotlight: Supplements report.

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