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Thrive Market

Tribe Dynamics Influencer Marketing Spotlight

Amid a tumultuous 2020, wellness brands—companies that cater to consumers’ mental and physical health—are having a moment. While many wellness brands are enjoying Earned Media Value (EMV) momentum, one particular standout has been Thrive Market, an online marketplace for healthy food and lifestyle products. Thanks to both the broader success of the wellness vertical and a spike in online retail, Thrive Market powered $16.1M EMV from August 2019 to July 2020, a 61% year-over-year growth. A notable $5.6M EMV, or 34% of this total, came during Q2 2020, a period in which most brands experienced EMV setbacks.

Our latest Influencer Marketing Spotlight report investigates how Thrive Market achieved this impressive success, and what steps the brand can take to further refine its influencer marketing strategy. Each insight is paired with a software feature from Tribe Dynamics’ influencer marketing platform, creating an actionable plan not just for Thrive Market, but for any top wellness brand looking to increase its EMV. Highlights from this report include:

  • Data takeaways for Thrive Market’s dominance among wellness YouTubers, along with profiles of the brand’s top EMV-drivers.
  • An analysis of Thrive Market’s robust discount code program, and how this content contributes to the brand’s EMV.
  • A closer look at Thrive Market’s top EMV-driving hashtags, as well as advice for how the brand can spark content surrounding specific campaigns.

To learn more about Thrive Market’s influencer strategy, and how Tribe Dynamics can help your brand spark online conversation, download our full Influencer Marketing Spotlight: Thrive Market report.

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