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Tribe Dynamics Influencer Marketing Spotlight

Up-And-Coming Wellness Brands

As wellness brands continue to cater to consumers’ physical, emotional, and mental needs, the rapidly expanding space shows no sign of slowing down. While Tribe Dynamics has already covered some of the top players in wellness, for our latest Influencer Marketing Spotlight report, we chose to profile three up-and-coming brands, with an eye towards their impressive community and Earned Media Value (EMV) growth between October 2019 and September 2020. The diverse offerings and mission statements of these three brands—Alani Nu, Vitruvi, and GoMacro—underscore the broadness of the wellness space as a whole.

Our report offers a deep dive into the high-impact influencers, content, and campaigns powering momentum for each brand, along with data-backed insights into how up-and-coming wellness brands can use Tribe Dynamics’ influencer marketing tools to operationalize and scale their influencer programs. Highlights from this report include:

  • Insights into Alani Nu’s robust affiliate marketing program
  • How Vitruvi built a home decor must-have during social distancing
  • An analysis of content from GoMacro’s enthusiastic influencer community

To learn more about these emerging wellness brands, and how Tribe Dynamics can help your brand build a winning influencer marketing strategy, download our full Influencer Marketing Spotlight: Up-And-Coming Wellness Brands report.

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