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Planning For Unprecedented:

A 2021 Strategic Planning Worksheet

Since March 2020, Tribe Dynamics has been reviewing and reporting on how the events of 2020 changed the influencer marketing space—from how influencers are creating content, to how brands are fostering community from a distance, to what verticals and sub-verticals are booming. We’ve also been working closely with our customers to help them pivot from their initial plans to match our new reality.  

Throughout 2020, we repeatedly observed, from both our customers and other leaders in the space, the importance of consistency in brands’ values and identity in their marketing efforts. Additionally, we saw time and time again how knowing and understanding your online community allowed brands to more strategically adapt in such a rapidly changing landscape. 

To help teams better navigate their annual planning period, we distilled these key learnings into a simple “Planning for Unprecedented: 2021 Strategic Planning Worksheet.” The worksheet guides brands to reflect on how last year impacted their influencer programs and community of content creators, and apply those learnings to their 2021 strategy, with the goal of coming back stronger and more resilient to whatever this new year holds. We encourage you to complete the exercise with your teams and start the year strong with a sense of collective empowerment and common overarching goals for 2021.

Fill out this form to gain access to our Planning for Unprecedented: 2021 Strategic Planning Worksheet. (You’ll receive both a single page PDF version, as well as an interactive version that you can fill out digitally.) Happy planning!

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