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August Haircare Rankings: Top 10 Haircare Brands in the US

In this report...


In August, several top hair brands sparked significant Earned Media Value via a range of influencer marketing strategies which led to a shake-up in the Top 10. Olaplex’s indefatigable Guy Tang styled a bold look for star influencer James Charles, while Drybar collaborated with IT Cosmetics on a genre-busting mascara launch. Meanwhile, indie brands Aquis and Not Your Mother’s forged different paths to explosive growth: Aquis collaborated with a Kardashian, while Not Your Mother’s co-hosted a Mexican getaway. This report will uncover which of these diverse initiatives had the biggest impact on its brand’s Earned Media Value. 


Download our August Haircare Tribe Top 10 report so you can find out:

  • The top 10 Haircare brands by Earned Media Value
  • Influencer community stats for top Haircare brands
  • Exclusive insights into Haircare’s latest trends, activations, and marketing stories